• IntroductionIntroductionColdwater Academy - A vision for high-quality, media-based education.
  • The BibleThe BibleThe history, reliability, and impact of the Old and New Testaments.
  • CharacterCharacterMoral foundation, ethical behavior, and human character in a free society.
  • EconomicsEconomicsInnovation, entrepreneurship, and charity in the free enterprise system.
  • Great Questions of LifeGreat Questions of LifeBig Thinkers examine questions of God, origins, destiny, meaning, and truth.
  • HistoryHistoryThe record of humanity from ancient times to Western Civilization.
  • HumanityHumanityThe importance of life, liberty, and family in the human experience.
  • ScienceScienceExploration, observation, and discovery of truths in the natural world.
  • FeaturedFeaturedTrue U - Leading Christian thinkers discuss challenges in college.


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